helped me find my passion


My experience with Sarra was a huge success. I worked with Sarra during a big transition time in my career. Sarra is a great listener and was able to help me reflect back to my own experiences, which gave me confidence and strength to move forward with my new career choice. Sarra guided me through the whole process focusing my professional resume and job application to my new career. We also spent time preparing for the interview, and her experience was crucial during the negotiation phase with a higher starting salary then initially offered.

Our sessions really helped me to focus on what was important and definitely contributed to me getting the job I have been searching for! Yes, I did get the job!!!!
I strongly recommend working with Sarra if you are at a transition point in your personal or career life, and want someone who is action-oriented, knowledgeable and very friendly who will guide you through the steps to a beautiful and successful experience. Her passion helped me find my passion in the next phase of my career.

- Adriana A., Sacramento, CA

Truly life-changing


"Working with Elena was truly life-changing. With her help I was able to see some overwhelming issues with clarity after years of being unable to on my own. Elena guided me to find solutions that have completely revolutionized my approach to work and life. In this process, something clicked and had the profound impact of helping me change the way I was doing things immediately and permanently. I am amazed and grateful!"

- Andrea, San Francisco, CA

setting personal and professional goals

"If you think that the concept of having a life coach is cheesy, or “not for you”, try chatting with Sarra. I think it will change your mind. There’s no judgment, no lecturing, no pressure to meet goals or do “life” homework - it’s so casual that you barely even realize you’re discovering aspects of your fears, anxieties, or even enthusiasms, that simply aren’t apparent without some subtle expert extraction. I went from thinking I was pretty satisfied in life (what do I need a life coach for?), to reestablishing a dialogue and connection with myself.

Sarra helped me to take large-scale ideas and tailor them into actionable, bite-sized goals that have resulted in a joint financial venture with my partner, relocation to a more peaceful neighborhood, and the overcoming of unrealized anxieties I had at work (and otherwise). I’ve been so thrilled by our sessions that I’ve recommended her to my friends and work colleagues, as I want everyone I care about to talk with her. Highly recommend! "

- Elizabeth B., San Francisco, CA

at a major crossroads

"I came to Elena while at a major crossroads in my personal and professional life.  I was feeling paralyzed with indecision about my next steps, and I was struggling to find a way to approach some important and time-sensitive decisions.  Elena's approach to coaching, while seemingly simple and effortless on her part, thoughtfully guided me through a reflection process that allowed me to distill my jumbled thoughts in clear, concise manner.  She broke down a seemingly overwhelming situation into discrete parts, and used a balanced approach that was both flexible to my needs, as well as directive when it needed to be.  

Through her coaching, I made some decisions and took several next steps that I'm quite certain I would not have come to on my own...and I'm thrilled with the results!  Elena helped me recognize what is important to me, and assisted me in seeing that I possess the power to set (and uphold!) my personal and professional priorities.  Throughout the entire process Elena struck the perfect balance of cheering for me when I needed encouragement and challenging me in a warm, supportive manner.  I would absolutely recommend Elena's coaching to others!

- Megan, Alameda, CA

renewed life path

"Working with Sarra was an amazing experience! I felt comfortable with her from our very first session. She is intuitive, responsive and extremely easy to talk to. Through our weekly sessions, she proved to be a remarkable guide. She was able to help me see and discover things about myself that were both surprising and enlightening. I LOVED my sessions with Sarra and feel as if I am on a renewed life path!"

- Kathryn M., Sacramento, CA

business development coaching

"Coaching with Elena was much more helpful than I expected. I came to her for business development coaching as I was just setting out on starting my own business. I had previously spoken to a lot of other business owners and didn't expect coaching would provide more than what I already knew about owning, and growing, a business.

In only a few sessions, Elena was able to guide me in identifying my own business goals and to motivate me to complete mundane tasks that aren't necessarily fun but essential. More importantly, Elena helped me uncover some deep-seated, internal barriers that were holding me back from pursuing work that is meaningful and fulfilling to me.

Elena was patient, empathic, and sincere and was able to point out strengths in myself that I didn't readily see. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Elena for anyone seeking to make personal or professional changes in their lives. You may find yourself, like me, benefitting both personally and professionally! "

-Sarah, Alameda, CA

work-life-self balance

"As a full time medical professional and mother of two I felt that life revolved around work, which can be very stressful, and my two boys. Sarra helped me break down my work stressors step-by-step to find the basic issues. Through that process she developed recommendations for how to handle specific types of situations with difficult patients, improving my understanding of my patients and my quality of care.  She also helped me develop ways to create a work-family-self balance and to instill more creativity into my life, even with my hectic schedule.

She uses a very organized approach, giving feedback and referring back to prior sessions to pull the themes we discuss together.  With these methods, I have the sense that she has really listened and now understands my individual situation and needs.  I have greatly benefitted in all aspects of my life from coaching with Sarra."

- Britta H., Carlsbad, CA (San Diego)

a place to affirm confidence and gain clarity

"I really appreciate the career coaching I did with Elena. For the longest time I had been contemplating a career change but felt stuck and didn't have a safe space to express my doubts, guilt, fears and concerns of leaving the field I have been in for 10+ years. Connecting with Elena on a weekly basis allowed me to explore my strengths, areas of challenge, but also, a place to affirm my confidence and celebrate all of my professional accomplishments.

She helped me set weekly realistic goals and helped me stay accountable to myself in our follow-up conversations. The biggest gift I gained from our work together was clarity; clarity to fully embrace and articulate my future professional goals and career path. Because of all of the hard work we did, I am ready to search for my next dream job in a whole different profession. Thank you Elena for your guidance." 

-Cynthia, San Francisco, CA